Native English Communication

Baxter Lawley Communications are proud to deliver first-class English-language content to clients across the Netherlands and worldwide. We use our expertise, enthusiasm and commitment in a three-stage process to enable companies to communicate engagingly and convincingly:

Think. Before beginning a project, we’ll collect input, research the topic, and plan our approach based on our clients’ needs and objectives. We plan a clear, logical, efficient, and appealing structure for the content.

Write. When writing, we’ll find the appropriate tone and style to address your audience one-to-one, no matter where or who they are.

Check. We check all our deliverables for consistency, accuracy, and quality. When required, we’ll revise content to maximise its success.

By doing this, we’ll ensure:

  • Your message is persuasive, powerful and convincing
  • It’s structured clearly and logically
  • We use the tone most suited to your audience
  • We make full use of the medium you select

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